Terms of Use

On the day of arrival, your booked accommodation is available from 2 pm onwards. We ask you to hand over the accommodation until 11.00 am on the day of departure.


The accommodation contract is concluded as soon as the payment has been arranged by bank transfer / PayPal / BAR with the host and is deposited in writing - the settlement is only valid in written form. The conclusion of the guest accommodation contract obliges the contracting parties to fulfill the contract, irrespective of the duration of the contract. Payment in full is due within five business days of receipt of the booking confirmation. Please note that if payment is not successful, your reservation may be tacitly canceled.

Bank details:

Postbank Nuremberg

IBAN: DE50 7601 0085 0689 3008 51


Deposit stay from ... to ...

The host is obliged to pay compensation for non-provision of the room to the guest, based on the booking amount (currency €) and less the 30% cancellation fee (see Terms and Conditions). The guest is obligated to pay the agreed or customary price for non-use of the contractual services, minus the expenses saved by the host. The savings amount to approximately 15% of the overnight stay plus the guest tax to be paid. The host is held in good faith, unused Apoartments if possible to allocate otherwise to avoid failures. If it is possible for the host to re-allocate the unused accommodation, the guest's obligation to pay will be waived to the amount of other income earned for this period. Until the rental of the apartments, the guest has to pay the calculated amount for the duration of the contract. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is the place of business - Leipzig